Here’s What You’ll Learn...

3 Simple movements anyone (IN THE KNOW) can do

Movement is the fastest and most effective way to change how you feel and your performance. And it couldn’t be easier! But very few coaches know or do this.


This is your chance to see and experience first hand (and try them out on your friends and family) something we think you already understand. That your mind and body are inseparable and together, give you the best results in life and in coaching.

stand out FROM THE CROWD

The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing and intensely competitive professions today. Coaches of the future will all be integrating Physical Intelligence into their coaching. Those that start now will be hotly in demand!


Claire Dale

Claire Dale is a leading exponent of Physical Intelligence and co-author of Physical Intelligence. She is a sought-after coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator with a background in dance, choreography and biochemistry. Claire has 20 years experience as a peak performance practitioner.

In this eye opening glimpse into the world of Physical Intelligence, Claire will walk you through three powerful moves which you'll learn in three minutes and you can use with your clients tomorrow.

What are you waiting for?