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BodySmart™ allows you to take advantage of the naturally available science & technology of the body to access extraordinary uplifts in human performance.
Unlock this third Intelligence to access more energy, more brain power, perform and sustain at a higher level, reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience and create happier workforces.

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** Data taken from multiple research papers and detailed in the Physical Intelligence book. Results may vary between individuals.

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Learn how to take advantage of what is naturally available to you – your third intelligence. Use the technology of your own body to be less stressed, happier and to be at your best every day

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Embark on a transformative journey with LiveWith Physical Intelligence, where you’ll discover the power of harnessing your untapped intelligence—the innate wisdom and scientific performance of your body. This cutting edge online program is designed for individuals and organizations, offering a step by step guide and the science on how to take advantage of the body’s technology to reduce stress, increase capability, install resilience and consistently perform at your best.

Get immediate benefits from enhancing overall well-being, productivity, and fostering a positive, resilient and high performing workplace culture – all using what is free and naturally available to everyone, everyday.

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6 packed easy to use modules to increase impact and resilience. All the science and performance practices explained.

70+ lessons and all the material you need to get the results you want. Additional masterclasses and coaching available to embed the learning.

Expansive course manual and tools to guide you maintaining peak performance.

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