Learn how to use movement, breath, posture and physiology for a happier, healthier, less stressed and more productive life. Access the BodySmart platform and apply over 100 techniques based on over 175 pieces of research.

** Over 100 science based techniques to use today.

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Access the BodySmart™ platform and learn science-backed techniques to improve your life


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Get your energy back

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Sleep better

Find your motivation

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Make better decisions

Improve your relationships

Stop feeling overwhelmed

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** Data taken from multiple research papers and detailed in the Physical Intelligence book. Results may vary between individuals.

The BodySmart platform will help you to

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Access the BodySmart platform and get going today (Special Rate)

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Claire Dale

Claire Dale is an ex-choreographer to the stars. She has created work for Sir Paul McCartney and taught Ed Sheeran to dance. She now helps people across the globe to get happier and more successful by getting ‘body-smart’ using Physical Intelligence techniques to reduce anxiety and stress, and boost performance beyond what they believe is possible. Her award winning book and her charismatic style makes her the perfect trainer. She cares about everyone who takes this course and wants to hear from you.

Claire is a sought after business coach, coaching CEOs all over the world. She lives in Twickenham with her husband Adam Dale, best known for his work as aerial director of photography on the Harry Potter films and for Tom Cruise on the mission impossible films.


  • Original price was: $599.Current price is: $371.


Welcome to BodySmart™
  • Welcome to Live with Physical Intelligence from Kevin Chapman (2 min)
  • Meet Your Instructor Claire Dale and Learn how to Take Advantage of this Course (7 min)
  • It’s All About The Movement! (4 min)
  • What Is a Physically Intelligent Life? (1 min)
  • Module 1: Get Ready
    • Get Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level (1 min)
    • Power Assignment: Get Ready
    • Eight for Great: The Essential Chemicals for Performance (1 min)
    • Revealing the Magic of Your Chemistry (4 min)
    • The Performance Pathway (2 min)
    • Creating Change in Under 10 Seconds (2 min)
    • The 3 Exercises That Will Change Your Chemistry (8 min)
    • The Power of Habit Stacking (2 min)
    • How Does a Human Being Work? (The Seven Systems) (5 min)
    • Quiz: Get Ready
    Module 2: Be Strong
  • Introduction to Module 2 ‘Be Strong’ (2 min)
  • Power Assignment: Be Strong
  • The Chemistry of Inner Strength for Success (1 min)
  • Somatic Markers: How Emotions and Memories Live in Our Bodies (2 min)
  • The Chemistry of Confidence (3 min)
  • Using the Performance Pathway (3 min)
  • Life Hack: Change Your Breath, Change Your Chemistry (2 min)
  • Breathing and Feelings (1 min)
  • Breathing to Gain Brain and Body Power (2 min)
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing – Our Body’s Most Neglected Workout Routine
  • Paced Breathing and Boosting DHEA (6 min)
  • Expand Your Lungs, Expand Your Possibilities (5 min)
  • It’s All Just Paced Breathing! (2 min)
  • Working with Posture – The Key to the Body (7 min)
  • Anatomy of Posture
  • Getting to know your Vagus Nerve (6 min)
  • The Three Step Centering Technique (3 min)
  • Finding Your Inner “I” (7 min)
  • Demonstration of How the ‘I’ Gives You Inner Strength (7 min)
  • Quiz: Be Strong
  • Module 3: Be Free
  • Introduction to Module 3 ‘Be Free’ (1 min)
  • Power Assignment: Be Free
  • Unlocking the Chemistry of Freedom (3 min)
  • The Top 7 Moves for Flexibility (8 min)
  • Improving Divergent Thinking to Create Options (2 min)
  • Three Brains Are Better Than One (6 min)
  • Tension Hotspots – Essential Data for Coaching (2 min)
  • The MOT (Map of Tension) (6 min)
  • MOT Demonstration (11 min)
  • What Does It Feel Like to Be Around You? (3 min)
  • Get Free by Building Trust (3 min)
  • How Movement Connects Two Sides of the Brain (4 min)
  • Quiz: Be Free
  • Module 4: Embrace Resilience
  • Introduction to Module 4 ‘Embrace Resilience’ (1 min)
  • Power Assignment: Embrace Resilience
  • Your Toolkit for Mental, Emotional and Physical Resilience (2 min)
  • Building Mental, Emotional, and Physical Fitness (1 min)
  • What are the Symptoms of Burnout? (1 min)
  • The Key to Managing Stress with Recovery Breathing (2 min)
  • How to Work with the Chemistry of Recovery and Renewal and Build Capacity (5 min)
  • The Importance of Getting Enough REST (3 min)
  • Why It’s Important to Retreat (3 min)
  • Mental Fitness to Manage Your Mind
  • Should I Meditate? (4 min)
  • Busy Mind/Still Mind
  • Emotional Fitness: How to Process Your Emotions (5 min)
  • Shake Out (2 min)
  • Punch Out (2 min)
  • Why Crying and Laughing Are Important and How to Take Advantage of Them (4 min)
  • Physical Fitness: Supporting Your Mind and Emotions (2 min)
  • Moving Forward with Resilience (3 min)
  • Understanding Capacity (2 min)
  • Quiz: Embrace Resilience
  • Module 5: Build Endurance
  • Introduction to module 5 Build Endurance (1 min)
  • Power Assignment: Build Endurance
  • Making Change a Sustainable Reality (1 min)
  • Engaging the Gut, Heart, and Head Brain in Goal Setting (2 min)
  • Dopamine and the Chemistry of Motivation (3 min)
  • Using Dopamine to Your Advantage (7 min)
  • Wake Up Breathing (2 min)
  • Muscle Firming: A Technique to Help You Stay on Track (1 min)
  • The Winner Pose and Why It Works (3 min)
  • Visualisation – Seeing the Long Game
  • Demonstration of Creating Milestones (6 min)
  • Increase Motivation to Achieve Goals and Milestones
  • Appreciation – How to Raise Performance (4 min)
  • Focus Practice for Endurance
  • Quiz: Build Endurance
  • Module 6: Putting Your Performance Advantage into Practice
  • Putting Your Performance Advantage into Practice (5 min)

    +Stress, tension and burnout
    +Renewal and restoration
    +Inner strength and confidence
    +Motivation and goal setting
    +Resilience and endurance
    +Cognitive power and creativity
    +Decision making
    +Changing habits and accountability
    +Working with uncertainty and change
    +The 7 systems
    +The key chemicals that account for how we think, act and feel
    +How movement transforms our chemistry and our performance
    +The vital role of the Vagus nerve
    +The keys to working with breath and the power of the diaphragm
    +How to include postural diagnosis and adjustment in coaching
    +Why tension is our enemy and our best friend
    +Somatic markers and the power of our cells
    +Working with the visual cortex of the brain
    +Working with our full intelligence – the gut, heart and head brains
    +How to explain resilience and gain emotional, mental and physical fitness
    +Where our energy comes from and how to generate more of it


    Access the BodySmart platform and get going today (Special Rate)

    • Original price was: $599.Current price is: $371.



    This course is suitable for anyone whether you are new to the science of your body or an expert, no matter your background, experience or areas of expertise!

    Yes, we will make sure you can adapt what you learn and how you practice the techniques to ensure you are comfortable working within the capacity of your body.

    Anyone can attend! You will learn how to work with the strengths and limitations of your own body.


    The online lessons are self-paced so take as much time as you need.

    Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion. 

    We offer closed captions for all pre-recorded course videos, and transcripts are available for audio files. Please contact us to discuss your access requirements.

    No, but you can join our Facebook and Instagram communities @LiveWithPI

    The course material will be available for a year after purchase. The Toolkit and PDFs will be yours to keep forever.

    It’s roughly 50/50, but you can do more practice and more reading if you wish!


    Yes, we can arrange an invoice. Please contact us.

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