BodySmart™ Approved Partner Programme

You can become an approved partner and introduce BodySmart™ into your clients.
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Learn how to take advantage of what is naturally available to you – your third intelligence. Use the technology of your own body to be less stressed, happier and to be at your best every day

BodySmart™ is a dynamic digital 6 module self-led course designed to help anyone upgrade themselves using the natural technology of their body. Based on the award-winning book, science and market leading professional course for coaches, leaders and people practitioners.

Become an Approved Partner

How to become a partner


All approved partners must complete one of the following:
  • Completed the Coaching with Physical Intelligence® course
  • Completed the BodySmart™ course and a further free short training and briefing on the BodySmart™ product options.

Apply to be a Partner

Have you completed the certification in Coaching with Physical Intelligence
Have you completed the BodySmart™ course?