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Pioneering, adventurous coaches and leaders – either practicing Physical Intelligence and/or learning how to apply the techniques and the theory of Physical Intelligence to their coaching and people transformation activities.


All of the best “how tos”, insights, research, technologies, practices, experiences, and resources, to continue to develop and share the Physical Intelligence pedagogy.


Using the amazing ability of our bodies — to provoke thought, raise standards and leverage this work to help people achieve more, stress less and live more happily.


Pioneering, adventurous coaches and leaders – either practicing Physical Intelligence and/or learning how to apply the techniques and the theory of Physical Intelligence to their coaching and people transformation activities.


All of the best “how tos”, insights, research, technologies, practices, experiences, and resources, to continue to develop and share the Physical Intelligence pedagogy.


Using the amazing ability of our bodies — to provoke thought, raise standards and leverage this work to help people achieve more, stress less and live more happily.



Claire Dale

Founder, mover and shaker

Movement specialist, leading exponent of Physical Intelligence, international speaker and co-author of the award-winning book Physical Intelligence, Claire successfully coaches, trains and consults to help individuals and teams achieve peak performance through Physical Intelligence. 

With a background in contemporary dance, Claire led her own dance company to European critical acclaim during the 1990s representing Great Britain and creating works for Sir Paul McCartney, Alsop Architects, CandoCo and L’Oreal.

Claire began integrating Physical Intelligence into the world of business in 2002 when she founded Companies in Motion. Her highly charismatic coaching, facilitation and guest speaker skills have engaged individuals and training audiences at National Express, Sony, Bank of New York Mellon, BAE, SAGE, J.P.Morgan, Mars, Shell and AstraZeneca among many others.

As advisor to Nasreen Sheikh, Director of The Empowerment Collective, Claire is actively working to campaign for global human rights and an end to modern-day slavery.

Kevin Chapman

Momentum and mission

Kevin is a highly experienced coach, consultant, trainer, communication specialist and business leader with significant commercial experience designing and delivering leadership and high-performance coaching. He has worked with clients including BP, Coors, Shell, HSBC, PwC, Aon and Jaguar Land Rover.

As managing director of RADA Business, Kevin built a market-leading performance brand in communication training and leadership impact, growing the business substantially over 5 years. This work included developing pioneering training for women in multiple countries to build confidence and presence at work.

He is highly valued for his expertise in storytelling, narrative, leadership performance and change management becoming a trusted advisor for leaders and leadership teams to manage through difficult periods of change or improve business reputation and performance.

Kevin holds a degree in Mathematical Statistics and Operations Research from Exeter University, an MBA and is a qualified coach. He is also a Trustee of the Comedy School and supporter of The Forgiveness Project.

Jill Harris

The voice

Jill has spent most of her working life in communications. Her corporate career focused on public relations and employee communications in the alcoholic drinks and insurance sectors where she had a wide range of responsibilities from writing annual reports and corporate brochures to developing change management communications and organising management conferences and sponsored corporate events.

Since retraining in social media marketing with Digital Mums in 2015, Jill has worked as a freelancer with a range of B2B, B2C and Not-for-Profit clients.

Jill loves all aspects of communications, especially written and visual, and enjoys getting lost in analytics and strategy. She holds a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Sheffield but did once consider training to be an accountant.

In her spare time, Jill loves walking her super-cute rescue maltipoo – Nula, practising Pilates and cooking healthy meals for her family. She is also a member of Toastmasters International and is addicted to health and wellbeing podcasts. As a lifelong learner she is looking for her next challenge – it will probably be yoga.

Chloe Hodgkinson

Organisational Wizard

Chloe has an extensive background working as an Executive Assistant, Project, Event, and Marketing Manager, in management consultancy, film and media, travel, and the charitable sector. She’s an organisational wizard, loves problem-solving, and is a real team player.

Chloe has a passion for all things health and wellness. A certified habit change health coach and yoga teacher, on a personal journey to become the best version of herself, she has tapped into a number of modalities ranging from somatic work, breathwork, therapy, qi gong, dance, fasting, and detox, neuroscience, and meditation.

In her spare time, you will find Chloe off on an adventure to some far-flung destination, emersed in the local cultures, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or in nature meditating.

Victoria Nakamura

Community Connection Connoisseur

Meet Victoria, a dynamic individual whose professional journey weaves together diverse experiences and a fervent passion for unlocking human potential. After graduating from university, Victoria embarked on a solo adventure to Japan at the age of 22.
Her journey in Japan commenced as an English Tutor, immersing herself in the vibrant culture. Progressing through roles, Victoria transitioned to become a shop manager before creating her own real estate business. Faced with the choice to shape her career, she made a resolute decision – to become an ICF accredited coach.

Motivated by a desire to deepen her understanding of human performance, Victoria further honed her skills with training from The Physical Intelligence Institute. Today, she proudly holds the title of a certified performance coach, working with individuals and teams to guide them to live and perform at their natural best.

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Victoria’s passion for working with people extends to her role as the Customer Engagement Manager at The Physical Intelligence Institute. This multifaceted role allows her to actively foster connections and engagement within the institute.

What sets Victoria apart? Well, you won’t catch her sitting for long! Whether it’s parenting, traveling with her daughters, or relishing the outdoors through walks and swims, Victoria is always leveraging her physical intelligence to enhance every aspect of life.

Join Victoria on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where the threads of experience, coaching expertise, and a zest for life converge to create meaningful transformations.

Dean Jackson

Everything IT

Marion Chapsal

Performance Coach

Marion is a senior leadership coach dedicated to gender-balanced leadership and women’s empowerment. She is deeply passionate about the transformative power of embodied self-compassion.

Rich of more than 30 years of experience, she created a step-by-step coaching programme, where women build their self-confidence, find their voice, even when it shakes, in order to embody their talk and fully take up the place they deserve. From Inner-Critic to Inner Wise Woman/Man.

She has been the Chief Learning Officer at Ideas on Stage, a Paris-based communication agency, coaching & training senior executives in leadership presence. Since 1992, she has been lecturing at EM Lyon, Cranfield School of Management, UK and more recently, HEC Paris. Marion has helped several hundreds of leaders from Fortune 500 companies to small startups and incubators making an impact with the power of communication across the world.

She works in English and French and is a TEDx Speaker and a TEDx speaker’s coach. She graduated from SKEMA Business School and holds a degree in Gender Studies, Sociology & Linguistics from Lyon 2 Lumière University.

She is accredited EIA practitioner by the EMCC, a Master NLP Coach and a certified equicoach.
She discovered Mindful Somatic Self Compassion after taking an MSC intensive with Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer in Amsterdam in 2019. Since then, she has been making baby steps progress into somatic self-compassion and slowly accepting she can trust her own source of knowledge and wisdom.

Marion lives in Beaujolais with her husband and 2 cats. They have 7 children and 4 grand-children!

Julia Tomasini

Performance Coach

A dedicated professional coach and facilitator with a background in the creative industry, Julia is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to thrive.
After a ten years career in international fashion hubs, Julia opted for a new path in coaching, where she is dedicated to advocate for happiness and well-being.

She is now an ICF accredited coach, certified narrative practitioner and facilitator, bringing a unique, creative perspective and multidisciplinary expertise to her work.
Julia specialises in fostering emotional wellness, purpose and well-being, particularly in the work environment. She works closely with young managers and C-level executives in startups and more established organisations, helping them navigate leadership complexities with confidence and authenticity.

Through her international experience, having lived in five different countries and worked closely with many more, she has built the skill to quickly connect at a deep level with individuals from very different backgrounds, cultures and positions. She believes this is her super-power, as a coach and a human being.

In addition to coaching, Julia facilitates workshops on topics such as goal setting, stress management, leadership development, communication skills; as well as co-development peer groups.

Julia’s approach is influenced by her love for exploring new cultures and her decade-long yoga practice. She integrates mind-body awareness into her coaching, helping clients achieve holistic growth and balance.
Her coaching philosophy centers around Narrative Practices, as well as the wisdom and tools of Physical Intelligence, and is strongly grounded in the ICF framework; empowering individuals to create meaningful, purpose-driven lives.

With a creative background and outside-the-box thinking, Julia supports individuals in finding unique solutions aligned with their authentic selves, and is committed to being an agent of healthier workplace dynamics and lasting positive change.

Clare van der Spuy

Performance Coach

Clare is an experienced accountant and businesswoman who over the past 30 years has run small to medium-sized businesses and teams of people locally and internationally across many industries, including accountancy practice and French couture fashion. She has been a director of companies in the physical energy trading and aviation leasing arenas and has been part of a team running a privately-owned property leasing business in Europe.

Since setting up her coaching practice, Coaching for Aspirations in 2018 Clare has been focused on developing a long-term career in coaching. She has become a professionally trained and accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation and has acquired a professional coaching diploma as well as qualifications in Health Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Disc Psychometric Testing & Analysis, nutrition & health, Physical Intelligence, and anatomy & physiology.

Her work to date has been helping business founders and senior executives locally & internationally to set up, re-structure or exit businesses alongside helping them with their health and personal life aspirations. She adopts an integrative approach that blends Eastern and Western principles – drawing inspiration from Western sciences such as positive psychology, neuroscience, and physical intelligence, as well as Eastern philosophies and traditional well-being practices.

Clare is driven by an unwavering curiosity. She recognises that her professional and personal life journey has been a rich tapestry of impactful events, vital for assembling the skill set required for her coaching role. Her navigation through diverse experiences, challenges and opportunities has invariably fostered her personal development. Beginning with her birth to an English father and a Lebanese-Armenian mother, Clare’s life journey included diverse cultural influences. Early on she embraced an active lifestyle, immersing herself in ballet, tap and later offshore sailing and Kyokushin Karate. Today she pursues dance classes and invigorating hikes in nature, as a part of exploring paths to wellness. Married to Justus, a native of South Africa, they have chosen Surrey as their home. Their daughter Isabelle is currently pursuing a Physics degree in the USA and participating in NCAA Division 1 field Hockey, while Clare’s stepdaughter Nicole, now a mother of two, contributes to the NHS as a General Practitioner.

Sylvia Baldock

Performance Coach

Sylvia has been presenting and training since childhood when she was actively encouraged to speak at church from an early age. At the tender age of 13yrs she launched a youth group with her brothers in a deprived area of Glasgow where she spoke regularly to groups of troubled teenagers on finding joy and fulfilment in life.

Sylvia has always loved interacting with people and chose a career in general nursing, enhanced by qualifying as a midwife and training in intensive care. She progressed to Theatre Sister in Open Heart surgery and with a deep interest in health and wellbeing, she launched her own health food business with an independent shop plus a franchise within the flagship House of Fraser store in central Glasgow.

Headhunted for the pharmaceutical industry, Sylvia developed a fascination for impactful training and presenting which led to her working in industry with senior leaders and teams on motivation, engagement and fulfilling their potential.

Following a career break for children, Sylvia launched and ran 8 business networking groups where she created and delivered Masterclasses on personal impact, confidence, presentation skills, networking and much more.

Joining the Professional Speaker Association in 2013 took her speaking to a whole new level and Sylvia regularly presents and runs Masterclasses for groups, teams and senior leaders.

During the COVID pandemic, Sylvia launched the ‘Becoming More Significant’ programme for groups and individuals which has been transformational for all participants. It is now accredited by the CPD Standards Office and gives 16 hours of CPD to delegates.

Sylvia has a robust self-care routine as she beliefs it is her duty to bring the most vibrant version of herself to work and life. A lover of nature and the great outdoors, Sylvia takes time every day to be fully present through meditation, journaling and yoga.

Finding PI was the perfect fit for her work in empowering others to realise their unique value, unlock more of their true potential and live a life of fulfilment and impact

Sylvia is a lifelong learner – an Executive Coach/ Physical Intelligence Coach /Trainer/Speaker, Insights Discovery Consultant and Trainer                           

Contribution Compass Consultant and Trainer

‘Time to Think’ Facilitator and Coach, TEDX speaker and author.

Julie Brooker

Performance Coach

Julie is a leadership development coach with a background in managing multiple departments in the public sector. She has developed leaders and supported management teams throughout her career and then trained as a coach in 2016 and has never looked back.

She is passionate about creating the space for people to listen to and learn about themselves so that they can shine their light brighter in the world, whatever their goals. She works with leaders, entrepreneurs and young people at the start of their careers.

She is an accredited ICF coach and was delighted to train in PI to bring the intelligence of the body to coaching, it’s such a fundamental connection.

Cavan Chan

Performance Coach

“Inspired by his mother’s health issues, Cavan combines functional medicine and corporate acumen to advocate a new breed of ‘Corporate Athlete’ — promoting mental wellness through health optimization. As a dedicated Sleep & Performance Coach, he hopes to shed light on those who are lost in fatigue and the daily routine, guiding them towards a vibrant, high-performing, and joyful life.”

Cavan also provide 1-on-1 health & performance coaching (similar to executive coaching, but on cognitive performance from physiological perspective). People who he often works with are usually constantly tired, have headaches, are unmotivated or unable to focus, or have sleep disturbances (i.e., insomnia) at night. Many of them may have been to doctors and specialists, yet they have not been able to find effective solutions to make them feel better. His job is to help them identify the root cause behind all those symptoms and create a sustainable lifestyle modification strategy with clients.

Sanna Jordansson

Performance Coach

Sanna is a qualified & accredited executive coach, and board advisor, with many years’ corporate experience from financial services and creative sector.

Her approach to performance is that growth is created from your edge. Sanna’s coaching method is Radical Candour for Radical Results; asking clients to bring their all. She facilitates results by stripping down the complexity and uncovering the simplicity of owning our actions and behaviours; creating choice.

Sanna’s straightforward approach combines observation, discovery, analysis, and neuroscience—giving you sustained results that you can feel and see on many levels.

Her Swedish upbringing brings a frankness to her delivery, and she often utilises nature as reference points for making sense of complex pictures. She demonstrates nature’s effectiveness by offering clients access to performance coaching outside the normal office setting; demonstrating that nature can fast-track your brain’s ability to reorganize and renew your neural pathways.

She is a certified Insights Discovery practitioner, and delivers workshops within communication, business planning, and Board Effectiveness.

She has worked with clients from FTSE 100 companies, PwC, Private Equity, Fund Managers, Investment Banking, and Architecture and Design.

Tracy Skyrme

Performance Coach

Tracy owns and runs her own consultancy leading in creating purposeful cultures in organisations and driving sustainable change. Tracy started her career at KPMG where she was responsible for engagement and wellness for the European Practice.  She is an energetic and committed coach and consultant who loves working with leaders and teams to reach their full potential.  She has designed and implemented numerous large scale transformation projects across multi-national organisations, grew and developed three personal consultancy businesses, is an award winning developer of several global leadership programmes and the founder of an organisation committed to helping children and young people be their best – Eudomonics.

Tracy lives in North London with her two children.  She loves to walk and do yoga, baking is her passion and can often be found dancing round her kitchen!

Paul King

Performance Coach

Paul King is an explorer of places inside and out. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership a leading-edge people development consultancy. He has been working as a coach and consultant for more than 35 years. He particularly known for his work with the body-mind and integral approaches, connecting personal development and wellbeing to larger system change. He currently delivers embodiment-based workshops and coaching across Europe. www.thebeyondpartnership.co.uk He previously worked for Deloittes and PwC but gave that up as a bad idea.
His coach training started with Sir John Whitmore and the Inner Game, followed by NLP. He is a Master Practitioner and certified trainer in NLP. He has also completed an Association for Coaching recognised coach training.

Paul was the first person in Europe to be certified to teach Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment work. He has studied with many other embodiment and somatic teachers, is qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner (movement re-education) and has extensive study in the Alexander Technique and neuroscience. Paul teaches tai chi and qigong as movement meditation and as a means of exploring our psycho-emotional worlds.
Paul prefers to work with groups of 12 or less to create an intimate and focussed experiential learning environment in the spirit of inquiry not fixing. He describes his work as supporting people to connect more to themselves in an embodied way and thereby create more connection with others and the natural world. Part of the process is how to find our centred presence enhancing what it is possible for us to say and do, balancing our conversational relationship with the feminine and masculine dynamics of yinyang, which are seriously out of balance in the westernised capitalist world.

Tony Sesto

Performance Coach

Tony was born in a small farm in the South of Italy and arrived in London in 1964 at the age of six. He recalls feeling like an outsider during his early years as by the time he started school the other children had already formed relationships and bonds and as he couldn’t speak the language, so it was difficult to communicate and integrate. That all changed on the first day that he was involved in a football game, where suddenly the language barrier didn’t seem to matter anymore and even now at the age of 65, he still remembers the wonderful feeling of belonging and being part of a group.
From that day forward football and all other sporting activities became a metaphor for life for Tony.
His passion for sports has remained with him from those early school days and led him to become a freelance personal trainer and corporate wellness coach, hungry for knowledge and passionate to serve clients, friends, and the community the best he can.
He strongly believes that when it comes to our physical, mental fitness & nutritional needs, we are as unique, as our fingerprints and a one size fits all approach does not work. Tony uses a science-based approach to personalise/tailor fitness and nutritional plans that are aligned to his client’s specific DNA.
Three decades of training clients of all abilities and backgrounds has taught him that that the way we breath and move is a fundamental key to wellness, and he still finds it amazing that we are left to our own devices when it comes to enhancing these most basic qualities which when executed correctly can have a profound and positive effect on our health and ability to fully experience the world around us.
Tony lives in North London, which is where he met his wife, Jacqui. They have three lovely children who he’s very proud to say are all trying to live their best authentic lives, in an ethical and moral fashion.
Life is movement & movement is life, we breathe, we eat, we move on.

Maria Kukhareva

Performance Coach

Dr Maria Kukhareva is a resilience consultant, author, TEDx speaker, mentor and executive coach. With over twenty years in the UK Higher Education sector, Maria has enjoyed a variety of roles across academic, research and professional fields. 

Maria provides consultancy on human and organisational resilience; gender equity and part-time leadership as the future of work; and integrative approaches to leadership development. 

Maria is a proud advocate for gender equity and women’s leadership. She does a lot of pro bono work with women in politics and adoptive parents. 

Maria’s work is highly integrative and inter-disciplinary – she draws from current leadership theory and practice; psychology and social science, embodied, indigenous and arts-based approaches. 

You can connect with Maria on LinkedIn 

Neil Atkinson

Performance Coach

Neil is a highly trained and accredited leadership and team coach, who also loves to share his knowledge and experience through training, facilitation and supervising others looking to develop their coaching skills.

Having worked in the corporate world for much of his working life (leading corporate and digital communications and creative services), he has first-hand experience of the challenges of the fast-paced modern workplace. He draws on this as he coaches managers, leaders and high potentials, and works with teams at all levels – partnering them in gaining professional fulfilment and delivering maximum value for their organisations and stakeholders.

Neil has always had a strong physical and creative dimension to his coaching style, and draws on many tools and models. But when you work with Neil, you’ll be more aware of his commitment to being in a true partnership with you, and his skill in encouraging you to draw on your experience and creativity to progress further. Clients often say that time they spend with Neil feels like a precious, confidential space away from the pressure of their day-to-day work.

Neil lives in Dorset and works across the UK and internationally.

Emily Saltmer

Performance Coach

Emily specialises in the Performance, Development and Wellbeing of Leaders. Emily understands what it takes to be a high performing and successful leader, having lead Sales and Recruitment teams in her early career to now coaching and developing leaders up to senior leadership level. For 22 years Emily worked in Global Fortune and FTSE 50 companies including Experian, Legal & General, Unilever, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC and so can empathise with clients working in complex changing organisations and facing day-to-day leadership challenges. Emily passionately believes for anyone navigating a career in leadership they need a fit body and mind.

Emily graduated with Distinction in Occupational & Organisational Psychology, holds a Distinction in Physical Intelligence. She is also a qualified Leadership Coach and Fitness Instructor, holds memberships with International Coaching Federation and British Psychological Society and continues to develop professionally and personally through ongoing training.

Emily’s work includes coaching clients 1:1, in teams or groups. Emily also consults on the design and delivery of Talent, OD and Culture Transformation projects. Her clients include Laing O’Rourke, Sky, WaterAid and Legal & General. Combining Emily’s corporate experience, qualifications, coaching and consultancy skills she offers a unique holistic approach that is client centred, focussing on utilising client strengths to build confidence, capability and resilience to help achieve long term healthy, sustainable outcomes.

As well as managing a Coaching & Consultancy Business. Emily jointly runs a property business with her husband. Emily resides in Twickenham, London.

Robert Stephenson

Performance Coach

With a background that has roots in performance and theatre, Robert’s journey to life coaching, and training, has taken him along a path of varied experience and learning.

Having originally trained as an actor and mime artist, physical theatre was a big part of his early work. Specialising in theatre and education within schools, he worked collaboratively with a number of organisations such as Creative Partnerships and A New Direction, where he delivered training alongside Educational Consultant Mathilda Joubert, a collaboration that sparked his initial interest in coaching.

With a rich background prior to coaching, working with young people in schools and nurseries, he has also been involved with different aspects of higher education institutions. He has worked on degrees at several universities; running a module in Theatre and Education at Essex University, as well as contributing work to Anglia Ruskin’s Master’s in Education and the Arts.

He has been on an incredible journey of self-development and has consistently expanded both his training and coaching skill set. Initially training as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, and then going on to pass his Diploma in Transformational Coaching, before adding a number of other accredited coach training courses to his toolkit, including David Drake’s Narrative Coaching, and Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching, Peter Hawkins Advanced Coaching and Claire Dale’s Physical Intelligence program.

Accredited by the ICF he has held multiple training positions including Certificate in Group Coaching, Certificate in Youth Coaching, Diploma in Transformational Coaching course, and the Head of Coaching. Then onto Centre Director with Animas Centre for Coaching, before moving back into the world of freelance where he now works with Ivy House London, More Happi, Physical Intelligence Institute and Intention Centre for Leadership Coaching, as facilitator, trainer, coach and supervisor.

Isabel Pollen

Performance Coach

With the combination of over 25 years as a Professional Actress on stage and screen, and almost 13 years as a Professional Coach working around the globe across multiple industries, Isabel is uniquely positioned to facilitate the practice of confidence and connection with our audience and each other.

Isabel obtained a scholarship to attend RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) gaining a three-year Acting Diploma, and has worked extensively in the West End, Broadway. This includes her recent role as the lead in Emma Rice’s ‘Brief Encounter’ on the Haymarket and UK tour. Her work also includes TV, Commercial, Independent Film and BBC productions in this country as well as overseas.
Isabel was nominated for the prestigious ‘Carlton Hobbs’ award whilst at RADA and she continues to do regular voice over work.
Isabel is also the founder of her own work ‘Isabel Pollen’, as well as working with consultancies such as Fieri Leadership and Dark Swan.

Isabel’s clients include Wagamama, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group, Mizuho Bank, Smart Tech, Wipro, Hertfordshire University, Mitsubishi UFJ, Partners Group and Cote as well as numerous others.
Her work includes designing and delivering Leadership Development, Communication and Presentation trainings for 1:1 C-suite/exec clients, through to graduate level and teenagers.
Isabel uses performance and coaching techniques and to support and amplify physical, psychological, and emotional awareness.

When not delivering coaching or performing, Isabel is the mother of Jemima (6 years old) and step mum to 17-year-old Ben.

One of Isabel’s favourite quotes is from Dolly Parton:
‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’.

Cristina Madeira

Performance Coach

Cristina is a systemic coach working with individuals and teams, a leadership facilitator, EMCC Senior Mentor, ICF PCC, and a chapter advisory board member, with solid knowledge and experience in human engineering.
Every year she invests in her own learning around the knowledge of the human system: Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy, WPB5, Firo B, 360, Korn Ferry, Hogan, Organizational Constellations, Epigenetics, and Physical Intelligence.

As she soon realized the internal path needed to climb Maslow’s pyramid, she used herself as a guinea pig for her own investigation. The discipline made this possible and today she disseminates these learnings in a world Top Ranking executive education company.
Designs tailor-made programs, combining corporate, human nature, and nature languages with an alchemical approach, being bold and empathetic, bringing systemic learning, simplexity, and enabling people to better relate to the movement of life. Her main vision is to free people while observing life, without fear of punishment or need for rewards.

She has been leading Pro bono Coaching projects for 7 years, making coaching accessible to more citizens and thus contributing to a more conscious and equitably favored society.

At the beginning of her career, she dedicated 15 years to the Luxury Tourism and Hospitality Industry, having passed through several continents. She teaches Team Dynamics, Coaching, and Communication at two Universities in the city of Lisbon.

Anna Kuusela

Performance Coach

Anna is a ballet dancer at heart and passionate about exploring and expressing potential. Originally from Finland, Anna has lived around the world and notably in London, working with various well-known fashion and luxury businesses. During her career as a management consultant working with KPMG and Deloitte she supported businesses such as Selfridges, New Look, ASOS, Mothercare, Ann Summers and Argos to successfully undertake and execute transformational change from the leadership team to the shop floor.

Having worked in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment for a decade, Anna took a two-month sabbatical learning tango in Argentina and then setup her own business working with people and supporting them to master their own change journeys.

One of her light bulb moments has come in the form of embodiment and somatic work, highlighting the need to align the mind, body and soul. Anna was drawn to the world of Physical Intelligence to gather even more powerful tools to help her clients navigate life. She believes we all have the tools to live an extraordinary life and desires to demonstrate this herself. Anna is passionate about creating paradigm level shifts at the highest level of organisations, amongst leaders and change makers, for the ultimate butterfly effect. Anna in an ICF-certified executive coach, a neuroscience nerd, still a dancer, a mover and a shaker, and is often found with a book or a journal in her hand, radiating her contagious energy.

Kath Burlinson

Performance Coach

Dr. Kath Burlinson is a professional theatre director and performer with extensive experience working in the corporate sector helping individuals to increase personal impact and companies and organisations to improve performance and envision their futures.

Her diverse list of clients includes Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Program, Pershing Ltd, Capgemini, Tata Consulting Services, Oxera, Avanade, The Home Office, Atos/Origin amongst others. She is currently one of the team of Business tutors for RADA Enterprises, and has worked for Gareth Bunn Consultancy, Inside Leadership, Morton Corporate Consulting, Andrena Cumella Consulting, Camille Nickson Associations and Steps.

From 1997-2002 Kath was co-director of the Weird Sisters Theatre company producing hit performances that toured nationally and internationally winning 5 international theatre awards. Kath has also been Associate Director of Youth Music Theatre UK, and has recently produced ‘The Mothers Bones’ and ‘Wolf’ with her artists collective. She has written sketches for BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends as well as a critical book on Christina Rosetti and a number of published essays.

She leads The Art of Being Heard, a professional development programme for DanceEast Ipswich and the Key Theatre Peterborough, which has attracted participants from Greene King, Gross & Co Solicitors, Norfolk Churches Trust, Wherry Housing Association and other private and public sector companies.

Kath’s doctorate is from London University and from 1989-1997 she was a lecturer in English and Drama at Southampton University.

Mairi McHaffie

Performance Coach

Mairi is a specialist in people development, training and talent initiatives delivering across the Civil Service and private sector for the past 10 years. As a trained professional actress and BBC TV presenter, Mairi uses her skills to enable individuals and groups to communicate and present better, build confidence, increase visibility and align personal branding to organisational values. She is passionate about unlocking potential through teaching how the body and breath operate and how these can be developed to influence ourselves and others into achieving more positive outcomes.

She previously set up the award nominated Coaching Squared™ programme and is founder of the Houses of Parliament Women into Leadership (WIL) programme. Mairi’s style is dynamic and she firmly believes that a hands on experiential approach allows us to learn at a deeper level and understand how the practise of new skills can help us evolve. Previous clients include Coca Cola Enterprises, Ministry of Justice, PwC, Transport for London, Serco, BT, Environment Agency, The Met Police and many central government departments.

She is an associate trainer for Civil Service Learning through CAPITA and frequently works globally with PwC as a high level role player enabling executives to practise networking, influencing and sales skills. As part of the year-long core delivery team for the PwC/HMRC Module 48 programme, she led bespoke sessions on the highest scoring elective “Communicating Confidently with Customers and Advisors”.

As a sought after speaker, Mairi regularly speaks for women’s networks across the City with practical sessions on confidence and impact skills based on the work of Harvard social psychologist, Professor Amy Cuddy.

In 2014 Mairi was invited to be a judge on the BBC Apprentice Final as part of a team of business experts assessing the market potential of a key product and in 2016 was a judge for the WeAreTheCity Rising Stars awards for pipeline talent across the sectors. She is the mother of two young boys, a School Governor and occasionally dabbles in stand-up comedy.

Dr. Justin Kennedy

Close Collaborator

Dr. Kennedy holds the position as the professor of wellbeing neuroscience and organisational behaviour at UGSM-Monarch Business School, in Hagedorn, Zug, Switzerland.

He is the Ph.D. professor of applied neuroscience with Canterbury Christchurch University as well as with several other U. K. universities, like Middlesex and Chester University.

His academic work recently defined the model of ‘Organisational Wellbeing Neuroscience’ and is a chapter in the academic textbook: The Handbook of Organisational Wellbeing (SAGE). His academic research informs his consulting in psychological safety to organisations globally. His clinical practice licence is in neuro-behavioural analysis.
His consulting and coaching practice is informed by his research and is globally sought as a keynote speaker after his TEDx talk. He coaches and collaborates with Professional Ph.D. candidates as part of his personal goal toward ensuring effective application of brain-based protocols that emerge in collaboration with Ph.D. candidate’s research and other industry experts.

His book, Brain Re-Boot, is an overview of applied neuroscience which proposes various approaches to resilience from behavioural and social neuroscience, neuroeconomics, educational and health neuroscience. The book offers brain-based tools to hack one’s behaviour that build resilience to stress related pathology and improving cognitive performance.

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Learning supervision

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Adviser: Future of leadership

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Adviser: Physical recovery

Liz Clayton-Jones

Learning facilitation

Patricia Peyton

Adviser: PI Specialist

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Adviser: Artistic connections


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